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    • At Uptown Eye Care, we will always strive to have the latest in fashion trends, as well as classic styles.  We have over 750 frames in stock in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, styles and budgets.  We are sure to have something for everyone.  Over the next 6 months, Dr. Bauder will start bringing in more unique frame lines that you won't be able to find anywhere else locally.  We know that you are an individual and want your glasses to reflect that. 

    • Do you play a piano or other instrument?  Do you have any problems seeing your sheet music with your current glasses? 

      How close do you sit to your computer and how large is your screen? We need to make sure we choose a progressive lens or computer lens that will be ideal for your particular workstation. 

      How many hours a day are you on a computer, smartphone or tablet?  There are special lenses and coatings that you may be interested in to help protect your eyes from the harmful blue light rays, reduce your eye fatigue  and improve your sleep cycles. 

      I see that you like to fish.  Do you have polarized sunglasses to help reduce the glare and help you see the fish below?

      Since you have macular degeneration, we need to make sure we choose a lens with an excellent ultraviolet protection to help protect your eyes from additional damage. 


      These are just a few examples of questions that our licensed dispensing optician may discuss with you.  Just like snowflakes, every person's visual needs are different.  Someone who drives a truck cross country's needs are completely different from an accountant who looks at numbers all day or a teacher who is looking back and forth from distance to a computer to near at their job.   

      Our job is to let you know all of the options that are available to you, including all of the latest advancements in eye care.  We provide you with the choices and YOU decide what is the most important to you and what is in your budget.  We are simply educating our patients, and not trying to be pushy salespeople.  If you ever feel that you are being strongly persuaded into something and not comfortable, please let Dr. Bauder know as that is not her philosophy.  

      Consider this modern day scenario. If you were going to replace your broken iphone4, would you want to just be given a replacement or be told about the newest iphone6+?  If you spend your hard-earned money on the iphone4 and then found out there was a superior newer product that you may have preferred, you would likely be upset that you didn't have the chance to improve upon your current phone.  Now you have spent money on an iphone4 and wont be able to upgrade to the newer model for another 1-2 years.  You would not be happy with your phone store.   

      This is exactly what we are trying to do.  We want you to know about the best and latest contacts, frames and lens designs/materials as a consumer.  We also want your eyes to be the healthiest and happiest that they can be. You may choose to stay with what you have, or what your tight budget allows and we are completely happy with that.  We just don't want you to feel like you weren't given the choice for superior or newer products. 

      We do believe we have superior products, competitive pricing and top line customer service, and we want to be your one-stop shop for all of your optical needs. 



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    • After discussing your particular lifestyle and visual needs, our experienced optician will give you all of the options.  We work with several different manufacturers and a multitude of lens designs.  There are too many options to discuss here, but these are some of the more popular lens options. Check out our Lenses page for more detailed information about the particular brands we recommend. 

      Anti-Reflective Coating

      Dr. Bauder strongly recommends Anti-reflective or Glare-free lenses that are of the highest optical standards.  Anti-reflective coatings help eliminate glare problems with night-time driving, fluorescent lighting and computer use.   

      Blue Light Protection

      If you spend a significant amount of time on a computer, tablet, smart-phone, in CFL or LED lights, watching television or spending time outdoors, you are being bombarded with harmful blue light rays. The eye struggles to process this light as the eye has only 3% of blue cone photoreceptors.  The eye focuses blue light at a different spot in the retina, and this leads to visual eyestrain and eye fatigue.  

      Many clear and sunglasses lenses have built in Ultraviolet light protection.  However, this does not filter out high energy blue light rays.  Blue light can alter your sleep cycles, making it difficult to fall asleep.  In addition, the blue light actually focuses on the macula area, and can increase your risk of macular degeneration.   You can get symptoms such as tired eyes, dry eyes, and blurred vision in as little as 2 hours of usage. 

      There are lenses such as Blue Tech and Coppertone that have specialized filters built into the lens material, as well as coatings such as Hoya Recharge that can effectively minimize the effects of blue light.  Our optician can help find the best lens for you. 

      Premium Thin Lenses

      For patients with high prescriptions,  we offer high index lenses.  This helps reduce lens thickness and weight of the lenses. They are optically superior to a standard plastic lens as well. We recommend these lenses for patients with prescriptions greater than 4.00 Diopters. 

      Transitions Lenses

      Transition Lenses are a convenient option for every patient.  They offer complete UV protection and make you  more comfortable.  You do not have to worry about changing glasses, or ever being without your sunwear.  Visit www.transitions.com for more information. 

      Polarized Sunglasses

      Polarized sunglasses are a premium product that gives outstanding results.  Polarization filters out horizontal glare and provides a much sharper image.  Have you ever experienced blinding glare from a lake or snow when the sun is shining, or from the hood of your car?  This is the glare that polarization removes, as well as providing full protection from the Ultraviolet rays. Pair this with a backside anti-reflective coating for the ultimate pair of sunglasses.  Many of our plano sunglasses frames already have polarized filters built in, or we can make prescription polarized sunwear for you.