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  • Amblyopia

    Amblyopia is commonly referred to as "lazy eye."  There is alot of confusion about the term "lazy eye"  Some people think it refers to one eyelid that is droopy. Others thing it refers to a crossed eye.  Amblyopia or Lazy Eye refers to the inability to correct an eye to 20/20.  This can also be found in conjunction with other disease processes.  Basically over time, the brain learns to ignore what one eye is seeing, and it becomes unable to correct to 20/20 level.  

    There are different types and causes of Amblyopia. 

    • Refractive Amblyopia:   Occurs when there is a significant difference in Rx between the two eyes
    • Strabismic Amblyopia:  Occurs when one eye is turned in or out, so depth perception is very difficult. 
    • Deprivation Amblyopia: Occurs from something physically keeping the eye from seeing such as a cataract, corneal scar, etc
  • Treatment Options

    By far, the earlier we can detect and treat amblyopia, the better!  That is why we are such big advocates of children eye exams.  The longer the brain ignores the image from one eye, the harder it is to get it functioning again.  

    Treatments are aimed at strengthening the amblyopic eye. By temporarily making the vision more blurred in the good eye, the brain will start paying more attention to the amblyopic eye. As a result (just like exercising other muscle in the body), the weaker eye gets stronger!

    1. Occlusion Therapy: Using an eye patch over the better eye.  This is done at near during periods of active reading typically.  
    2. Drop Therapy:  In the event patches are not successful or desired, dilation drops can be used to blur the stronger eye, giving the same effect as occlusion therapy. 
    3. Glasses:  It is imperative that the vision be corrected fully in the spectacles.  
    4. Surgical Treatment: In the cases of Strabismic Amblyopia or deprivation due to a cataract, lid ptosis (drooping), or other factors, surgical treatments may be warranted. 


  • The Ohio Amblyope Registry is the first and only statewide program in the United States designed to serve the needs of children with amblyopia. This program is a VOLUNTARY program, and is not mandated that you are reported.  However, it is a very valuable resource.  It has lots of information to help increase knowledge and awareness about the condition as well as treatments. You can sign up directly through the link or we can register your child for it.  

    The OAR provides FREE EYE PATCHES, free literature and other services to families who have children with amblyopia. The services are for Ohio residents only. 

    The Ohio Amblyope Registry is part of the Save Our Sight program, that receives voluntary contributions from the check-off donation box on Ohio license plate renewal forms.  Be sure to donate to this great cause when you renew your license plates!


    Register with the Ohio Amblyope Registry